Diapers on Sale this Week!

If there’s one expense that young parents do not enjoy enduring, it’s purchasing diapers & wipes for those cute little tushies. Well, this week, your wallet will thank you.

Take a quick trip over to Walgreens, grab some Huggies diapers, use some printable coupons and walk out with money left over and your dignity intact.

Huggies  - The Luvly Life



Grab 2 Huggies brand Jumbo pack diapersĀ ($11.99 each)
On sale B1G1 50% off – through 4/25
Print 2 of this coupon for $2 off 1 package of Huggies diapers
Pay $6.99 each

Now that’s a nice savings!!

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Creativity Actually Pays


It’s no secret that I love to sew. I was working on a flower girl’s dress just the other night and realized that when I’m in front of my sewing machine {or my seam ripper}, time seems to slip away from me. I don’t get that “ugh, when is this day going to end?” feeling….it just doesn’t happen. I love that!

Did you know, though, that March is National Craft Month? {Ha! Neither did I until recently} Well it’s ok if you didn’t know…but now you do! It’s also a great time to sharpen those crafty DIY skills you all possess. You know, those things that we seem to love to do and make time just fly by? It’s also a great time to get better at those other skills we may not be so great at just quite yet. For me that would be (1) Baking, (2) Photography and (3) Knitting….possibly not in that exact order. There are other things that I could be better at but this is neither the time nor the place and I don’t have quick access to a bottle of wine right now. So we’ll leave that one for another time. OK?

Well friends, one of my favorite online craft websites, Craftsy, is having a HUGE 50% sale on all of their classes. ALL of them!! read more…

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Why I’m Serious About Savings


A few years ago I learned as much as I could about couponing before the birth of our daughter. I was surprised when I walked into one of our local grocery stores and was able to buy a napkins for less than $1.00. Yep, you read that correctly….I figured out one deal that got my family nearly a year’s supply of napkins for a fraction of the price that anyone would normally pay for napkins. read more…

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Budget Friendly Pizza Dough Recipe

recipe for budget friendly pizza dough

As you may know already, I find that planning our family meals each week saves me both kitchen paralysis everyday as well as a healthier bank account. It’s been a change that I made a long time ago in a quest to have a better grasp on what was good for our family. It’s one of the best, most positive changes I made.

Every Friday we like to have pizza night. Now really, who doesn’t? But ordering pizza to be delivered to our house every week was running us anywhere from $22 to $35, depending on what kind of pizza we were ordering. I don’t know about you, but I definitely felt like there’s a better way to get what we wanted and not kill our budget just for some cheesy deliciousness. read more…

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Budget Friendly Lentil Soup



I realized that I quickly become paralyzed in the kitchen if I don’t have a plan. That’s a huge reason why I started doing meal planning in the first place, only to realize later on how well it worked for our budget as well. Every Sunday I ask my husband what he’d like to have for dinner in the upcoming week and he continues to be a great part of why I cook some of the things I do. This recipe is for him, as it’s not my first choice….but it’s grown on me in the past few years.

This lentil soup is super easy to make, really makes the whole house smell amazing with its earthy scents, and it’s super budget friendly as well. read more…

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